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Fresh Flowers of Spring Gardens

The Fresh Flowers of Spring Gardens.

Botanical watercolors

Most of these watercolors are small and simple, but add a fresh touch of color to any room. Even to a nursery where a sweet baby sleeps and plays.

Come see them in person
at Kimball Espresso in Gig Harbor for the month of May, 2017.

Most botanical illustrations detail every part of the flower and yet are simple in composition. However, these are more flowing with color and yet but consistent detail to the petals of the flowers. 

Show at Blend Wine Shop in June

New Portraits and Florals to be shown at Blend Wine Shop in Key Center Washington, June 2017.

Where to see New Works

Upcoming Shows:  2017  
Kimball Coffee and Art Gallery in May- early June

New Works:
Lily as "Sunshine and Fireflies"  in Acrylic.

Spring Flowers. Watercolor.

The Coming of the Christ. Oil on canvas.

Small Watercolor city scene

And more....

Watercolor Florals

Watercolor florals.  

For the last month or so I have been inspired by the spring flowers that are now starting to bloom after a long wet winter.  

Winter Wedding portrait

Itwas begun April 2014 and finished November, 2015....yes, it took a long time.  But it saw allot of changes in my life and in our house. I hung it on the wall in my studio so I could be reminded to work on it... but when I was pregnant, it was hard to justify working with oils too often incase the paint got onto my skin and leached into my bloodstream and then to the baby. So I didn't paint often.  

August came...and that summer I had my baby girl.  Now I had to find the  time to homeschool my young boy and nurse the newborn!

Creativity comes in many forms.

VBS....CREATIVITY can come in any form. This was a set design for Vacation Bible School in Gig Harbor at Discovery Baptist church.  The theme: To the Edge of Space! I created the control panels functional lights and switches. Many people came together to create quite a "memorable" experience for the kids and the journey to know the Creator of the Universe. 

For the Nursery. Illustrations of baby animals.

Over the past couple of monthsI have been illustrating baby animal portraits for a young mother's nursery in Plainville, Kansas. In fact, she is one of my dearest friends.  She was my Maid of Honor in my wedding in 2004, and she just had her first baby last month.
When she asked me to draw these portraits for her, it was truly an honor for me.

Here is what I drew...

1. Baby Fox Kit
2. Baby Bunny (in the style of another artist)
3.  Baby Brown Bear Cub
4.  Baby Labrador Puppy
5.  Baby Owlet 

Adria Hanson to be a guest on KGNW's Night Light Live!

Adria Hanson to be featured on Night Light Live!  
Hello everyone!  
On June 7th, there is a new radio program on KGNW Seattle called Night Light Live. I was contacted to be their guest on the 21st from 11:15 - 11:45 p.m.  They are a radio show that interviews Visual artists and Musicians.  The specifically want to get the Christian artist perspective on their work and the world through personal Christian ideals, goals and passions. Pray for me and be sure to listen!  I'll be talking about how I came into the art world as well as my present day portrait art. I'm hoping to talk about Discovery Baptist's involvement in art exhibits and chalk drawings, as well as the harshness and politics of the art world which is usually against Christian themes, which aren't relevant to many galleries. Be sure to listen!

On the horizon

On the artistic horizon are three new portrait commissions and one mural.
One is a little newborn baby girl named, Selah.  Will be painted in an impressionistic style, with soft strokes of many colors in pinks, voilet and lavendar, but with more details given on the face in peach pinks, oranges and yellows.  
Second is a donation to CareNet, located in Gig Harbor who educates young women about abortion options and gives free screenings.  They have an upcoming fundraiser.  I am donating my portrait "skills" to them.

Portrait of three siblings

Beginning sketches on canvas
Beginning sketches on canvas
Photos lined up for reference
Securing the details
Securing the details
Choosing a background color
Working on details of the youngest
Working on details of the youngest
Choosing the underlying colors for "life"
Almost complete
Almost complete
"Children are a Gift from the Lord"- the chosen title of the painting.
     Commission from start to finish
This was a commission through the purdy elementary school auction to raise funds for 

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Fresh Flowers of Spring Gardens
Show at Blend Wine Shop in June
Where to see New Works
Watercolor Florals
Winter Wedding portrait


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