Newest Works...
Coloring Life

Fresh Flowers and Spring

The beauty of Spring comes quickly in the Pacific Northwest, when the sun starts to shine longer and warmer, and the flowers emerge from their soil blankets.  

Inspired by Spring and the flowers of our garden are these new works in watercolor.

                                       Peony Bouquet
                                        9x12" $180

Tulips and Primroses
10x13" $180

                                          Tulips and Primroses II
                                                       10x13"   $180

                        Bachelor Buttons and Blue Bells
                                     10x13" $180

Cherry Blossoms

Below Inspired by Durer from 1570's and a modern painted image of a painted bunting, taken from a recent US stamp. Notice how Durer is holding his brush. 

Durer and the Painted Bunting
 Watercolor, acrylic, pencil and pen (mixed media) 
Framed by Gallery Row artist, Brad Stave (woodworker/carpenter) and given to him as a gift of thanks.


There is more to art than what you see. The artist asks you to engage with the work and have an internal discussion.  These still-lives titled, Drink and Taste, Look and See, and Childhood Treasures are symbols of what life is about.  

Look and Taste
watercolor on hot press paper

Look and Taste is about the excitement of life.  The way some things (like coffee) stimulate and awaken. The butterfly flutters from one thing to the next while enjoying quickly.  Symbol of fleeting desires, and pursuits.  

watercolors on hot press paper

Childhood Treasures
watercolor on hot press paper

Childhood Treasures is about simple things that define the meaning of life. As Ravi Zacharias once said, “Meaning comes from four things: wonder, truth, love, and security.” And for a child, these things pictured are all they need....and parents to make it right. The butterfly in this painting symbolizes wonder. 

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