Contemporary Fine Art by Adria Hanson - Located in the Pacific Northwest

Experience: 2004 - 2018

Vice President of Two Waters Arts Alliance                               2014 - present
Board Member of Two Waters Arts Alliance                              2014 - present
Art teacher outreach for TWAA into Public Schools                    2014 - present
Recognized Choctaw Nation Artist                                           2003 - present
Art Director at Discovery Baptist Church, Gig Harbor, WA.        2011 - present
Member of Peninsula Art League.                                            2005 -2007
Art Teacher at Harbor Montessori.                                           2005 -2007
Private art Lessons to children and adults.                               2002 -present

Exhibited in Shows throughout 20 of the 50 states.

Exhibition schedule:
August 5th, 2016.  Tacoma, WA.  Choctaw Nation Regional Members Meeting in the Pacific Northwest. Showing portraits.

Adria Hanson portraits of Biotech founders in Seattle

Red Barn Art Class  

Professional artist, Adria Hanson, has worked with American Painting Masters such as George Bogart, Louise Jones and Christopher Young who is Artistic Director for Tiffany windows in New York City.   

Hanson has presented paintings to the last Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire,  the Previous Chief of the Choctaw Nation, Gregory Pyle, and two portraits (see above picture) to  a BioMedical research company in Seattle.

Portrait commission for Seattle Biometrics Research founders.

A former Fine Art gallery owner in Kansas, Hanson relocated to the Key Peninsula in 2004.  She and her husband designed a private 500 foot studio where she paints portraits and local landscapes. Jerry Libstaff, writer for the Key Peninsula News once wrote, "Adria Hanson, a gifted and respected artist on the Key Peninsula, her portraits have such a literal quality.   One admirer said, “It’s as though you’re looking into the eyes of a person rather than a face on canvas.” 

Comments by the artist:
My work is rooted in Christian values.  As an artist inspired by His work on this earth, my artistic motivation is to show this created beauty in portraits and landscapes.  I believe that if you have a talent, it is a duty to follow through with  it.  Creating and teaching art is very important to me and in that I can help people young and old  to see the rich colors of life that makes this brief existence more  joyful.  

Location:  Private Studio on 20 acres in Longranch, WA.

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